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Friday, 29 April 2016

Y - You

Sometimes I wonder do you ever think of me? For a flashing moment, do you ever put aside whatever you are doing and bring a picture of me in front of you? I really wonder. If that could be possible, then do you ever pick your cellphone and think of calling me? If that is possible, then why do not I get your calls? I really wonder why and how.

I  know, you might be thinking the same. Why are you not getting calls from me? As you wait for me, I wait for you. I am tired of this juggle of me and you. We have lost our beautiful moments together that could have been. We have lost the times that we would have wished to rewind. We have been existing adding years to life. 

When you feel the same regret, then call me. That is the perfect time. That is when the 'you' in you will merge into 'me'.

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