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Tuesday, 5 April 2016

D - Dimple

Dimples have always fascinated me. It adds beauty to a smile. When I was little, I used to wish for a dimple on my cheek, in fact, each cheek to get a dimple. Alas, man proposes, God disposes. There used to be a period of time when I used to be obsessed with dimples. A senior in my school had dimples on both her cheeks. I used to love the sight of her face when she laughed or smiled. And would experience a pang of jealousy also. 

Today I have outgrown that obsession. I have realized that looks do matter only till a certain point of time, probably to make the first impression and not necessarily to keep the impression.


Amrit Sinha said...

Very well said. Looks are temporary. It is our own character that stays with us forever :-)

Sun Bloom said...

@Amrit Sinha
Thank you.