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Friday, 30 January 2015

Taking heart again

There cannot be a better place than home where inspiration begins. I would be proud to state that my grand mother is an epitome of fortitude, grace and womanhood. A woman in her twilight years, despite having gone through happiness and sorrows that life has to offer in myriad ways, she never fails to flash an infectious child-like smile. 

There is a saying by William W. Purkey.

“You've gotta dance like there's nobody watching,
Love like you'll never be hurt,
Sing like there's nobody listening,
And live like it's heaven on earth.” 

I always marvel at her relentless source of energy to do everything above, in spite of coming across many unprincipled-critics, heart-breakers, back-stabbers, and never losing faith in humanity and womanhood. I bow to her prowess!

1.Things that define her

Soft-spoken and a down-to-earth woman with a smile in her eyes and a welcome on her lips, she never finds be-friending anyone difficult. Be it an unknown co-traveller who doesn’t give a damn about the rest of the world, or her very grandchildren. She likes small-talks and can make it as big and as long as she wants, chatting away to glory. Clad in a saree, inornate and very simple by choice, she likes to be honest, duty-conscious, caring and authoritative at the same time. Though authoritative, as the head of a family, members like to look forward to her suggestions, instead of fearing her or hating unsolicited advices. She has not won degrees/medals or earned masters from posh prestigious universities, but literate enough to read newspapers and gossip about local and national/international country-politics, she is a fan of current affairs.

2.Journey from ‘OR’ to ‘AND’

It was a tough time. She was bereaved of her husband early in her age, with two sons and a married daughter(with a new-born baby). Shedding away all the conservative traditions and customs, she stood alone as a care-taker of the family. The sons were old enough to be bread-winners of the family. However, they chose to live off some saved earnings. They lived in a dilapidated house, which would give away during rains. Nightmares of the roof crumbling down like a pack of cards would disturb her. The house needed reconstruction. It was the only house they had to live and moreover, where was the money for renovation?

At the same time, there was an unsettled court case. The only land that was left by her mother as a gift to her was occupied by some crooked villagers who claimed the land as theirs. She needed some money for livelihood and decided to sell the land. She started receiving threats to her life with that decision. She ran down to the place for inspection and a villager threatened her with deadly weapons. She stood there alone, not afraid of her life, but, with a determined aim to find justice. Life had given her more difficulties than she had bargained for. A lost husband, un-earning sons, and a house that would anytime kill them by crashing down. She was the only woman of the house and she did prove it! She fought the legal-cases through several levels of courts from district to state and won over. The land was hers finally. 

Bread winner and a fighter

The next step she took was unbeleivable for a lady of that generation and making. She dared a huge amount of loan for the reconstruction of the house. The land of one house was split to construct two small ones so that she could rent it away and with the rent, she would repay the loan. The mortgage for the loan was the same house itself. She decided to live in a house that was leased for some amount of time, until the construction was over. Today, she has finished building the houses and has repaid all her loans and more; she is her own bread-winner. 

Yes, she might have collapsed down when alone, unable to muster strength for the difficulties that came by in a series, but, we never got to see that face. Yes, she might have cried alone through sleepless nights, but, we never got to see her tears. Yes, might have cursed her fate for bringing her life to a standstill in her youth, but, we never got to see that woman. 

She has always been a woman with a cheering smile on her face, in times of emptiness, in times of strife and in the living present! She has not won over medals, degrees and honours, but, she certainly has comprehended life beyond and above them all. Still waters run deep.

Personally, to me, she is the woman of the house who never failed womanhood and never failed to astonish manhood!

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Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Beneficent fairy

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Oh beneficent fairy, don't ask me to wake up to the world! I reveled in a dream of sunshine, flowers and butterflies. And definitely and distinctly he was there. Holding a bouquet of roses and  smilingly walking towards me. It was a reverie I would not trade off with reality, because happiness has to be enjoyed while it lasts. Even if it is miraged.

Written for Magpie Tales: mag 255


Living as an adult,
I miss those innocent days
When friends meant only play.

When friends meant only play,
When hearts were never broken,
And love meant no hurt.

Distance creeps with time 
As we grow up as adults,
Friends are meant to drift.

Written for Haiku Horizons: "play"

Sunday, 25 January 2015


Every relationship around you is always abandoned after sometime. Nothing is forever, Sweetie. You either compromise or win in a relationship. It is a dynamic state.

These were her last words of consolation to her daughter as she bereaved her of a wonderful mother.

Saturday, 24 January 2015

ASUS - The best things come in small packages!

I’m a tech-savvy person. Especially when it comes to tablets, computers and smart phones, I would love to grab the opportunity to marvel at the latest creations of technology. I’m a fan of ASUS technology and a proud owner of ASUS Google NEXUS 7 tablet. And I keep wanting more of the ASUS products as they never fail to surprise me with their wonderful features.

Why the choice?

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It has been quite a while since we replaced our old desktop with a new one. Also, we had bought the PC with an external UPS which only lasted for twenty minutes after a power-cut. The UPS didn’t last for more than a year.  When I think of replacing this PC, what is more fashionable than ASUS All In One PC ET2040? Check out the latest design of the PC at the link ASUS All In One PC ET2040 and it definitely sets a trend. As it is, it is surely a space-saving design and in addition to that it comes with a built-in UPS with smart backup power up to one hour. I cannot find anything better that fits my choice.

With an Intel processor and a speed of 2.16 GHz, the PC won’t let me lag behind time. I get frustrated when my PC hangs for a long time and refuses to obey my mouse-clicks. ASUS ALL in One PC would become a quick assistant to all my tasks and I would soon be glad to be done with my work on the system and think of the next task in hand. A necessity in this fast-paced world.

We used to have TV with a remote control, but, how about this completely brand new idea of controlling PC from five meters away WITHOUT a physical remote control? Amazing gesture control feature of this PC is a feather on the cap. With a clarity of 19.5 inch- HD LED display every movie experience is a theater experience. I certainly have to give it to ASUS.

And like an icing on the cake, the PC comes with great built-in apps for work and play, balancing the needs of a family and a work place. The most attractive of the all, is the Windows 8.1 64 bit OS, this new year, certainly it is a great upgrade I would look forward to for a brand new start! It is never too late, is it?

ASUS EeeBook X205TA 

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Just check the price at the above link. Rs. 14,999! I had to stare at it to beleive it. This was the price I paid to buy a tablet. Had I known, that ASUS EeeBook X205TA comes with all the features of a tab and at this price, I would have definitely bought it.The colour variants, especially the gold, is very attractive. ASUS has its way with fashion at the same time not compromising with its quality -1.33 GHz Intel Atom quad-core processor with Intel Burst Technology up to 1.83 GHz.

And this comes as a package with less than a kilogram weight.
Sometimes, the best things come in small packages! 

Written for Happy Hours.

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Bits of paper, bits of paper...

Bits of paper,
Bits of paper;
Lying on the floor,
Lying on the floor;

Makes the place untidy,
Makes the place untidy;
Pick them up,
Pick them up.

We were taught these nursery rhymes when we were little. But, litterbugs never outgrow their habit irrespective of what good rhymes they are taught.

Nenapirali, Idu Nimma Nagara!

The most common work of BBMP (Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike) that falls in sight in Bengaluru is the above statement. It says, “Remember, this is your city.” 

A litterbug reads it and smirks. Of course, this is your city, not mine, so feel free to litter. 

If Mahatma had to re-incarnate on Earth, he would change the basic principles that he emphasized to the world – Truth and Ahimsa. Probably, Ahimsa and Cleanliness would be his next lifetime’s mantra for salvation. He would re-write his autobiography of “My experiments with Truth” to “My experiments with Dirt.”

Litterbugs are the reason we realize the value of cleanliness. If it wasn’t for litterbugs, why would we have Mahatma Gandhi starting a revolution of clean India. Of course, our Prime Minister Manmohan Singh became famous through his Clean India Campaign. Many thanks to litterbugs, they are the assets of our society, and yes, our country possesses many of them.

Job opportunities 

Litterbugs help keep dirty places dirty. And they make sure that clean places are soon dirty for the non-litterbugs to clean. They create job opportunities for others. Road, malls, theatres, public places have housekeeping personnel because of litterbugs. When there are people appointed for cleaning tasks, they give them enough work to keep them busy on their job.  Whoever thought unemployment is a major problem in India with increasing litterbugs!

Many organizations like National Cadet Corps (NCC) have volunteered to clean streets of India because they are littered. School children and adults alike have taken this initiative during their free time like weekends or holidays. Otherwise, how bored and jobless would they be on their holidays!

Matter cannot be destroyed. It can only be transferred from one place to another.

See how scientific-natured litterbugs are? They do not destroy/ process any waste. They either dump it around their house or in their surroundings. And these wastes in turn are either carried away by garbage collectors or by natural agents such as wind, rain, animals etc.

Quick solution to waste disposal 

Litterbug’s life: If I’m in a car and eating a banana, where do I throw the peel? Of course, I don’t have a carry cover with me. Feel free to litter, not in the car, but on the road. Sorry I have neither patience nor the virtue of cleanliness to keep it and throw it later. My car comes first and the road next. 

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Yes, they are environmentally challenged, they just “can’t” keep the city clean.

A litterbug’s view on dirtied Ganga River:

The river is the most extolled and the most sacred of all rivers. So, why should we maintain it clean? If it can carry away your “invisible” sins, then it has the power to carry away the visible dirt too. We worship Ganga irrespective of whether its water is clean or not.

Please do visit for more fun thoughts on litterbugs.

Written for Happy Hours.

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

If you had just stayed...

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Those mornings when everybody was away and we had all the time for ourselves, life was just black and white. No shades of grey would mix the nuances of love with hatred, indifference or intrusion. It was just you and me and I always thought that it would be so. How crazy it is to dream so is what I realize now in these very mornings! When everybody is away and there are no colours other than grey.

Written for Magpie Tales: mag 254

Monday, 19 January 2015


Put on quite a show,
People, words, smiles, laughs may deceive 
But your conscience knows.

Written for Haiku Horizons: "show"

Tuesday, 13 January 2015


Many a faceless women, desperate for love, desperate to connect another human being in search of love, die everyday withing themselves. It is as if they are stuck between love and indifference or hatred, stuck between acceptance and rejectance, not knowing which battle to choose and fight.

And the woman just stands there like all those women stuck between life and death.


You could leave and try
Or could try before leaving
But blood forms strong bond.

Written for Haiku Horizons: "try"