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Tuesday, 15 September 2015


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Four walls and a window
Painted with my colour favourite
Soothing it is to just see and know
My childhood room it was, a sight.

Dappled sunshine in the front porch
Brought with it bird-songs and sun bloom,
The front window and the curving arch,
Imbued with life, not a sign of doom.

Revisiting the house this afternoon
Dilapidated house and a tattered roof
"You are welcome," birds no more croon
This prototype is its spoof.

Written for Magpie Tales: mag 285


Karen S. said...

Delightful read.

Elena Sands said...

Well done. Good language here. Enjoyed it. :-)

usha menon said...

Very beautifully worded poem.

cifar shayar said...

lovely read

My take : A Small Home

Sun Bloom said...

@ Karen S. Thank you!

Sun Bloom said...

@Elena Sands. Thanks. :-)

Sun Bloom said...

@usha menon. Thank you.

Sun Bloom said...

@Cifar Shayar. Thanks for stopping by.