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Tuesday, 29 September 2015


Image Credit: Gerrit Photography

I can see your reflection as you clicked away a reflection of mine. A reflection inside a reflection, is it not like a bizarre dream? There were only reflections and no real you and me in the picture; just like our love story. Our real selves were lost amidst our mechanical lives of our routine job and duties. When we met, only our shadows met. Those shadows, devoid of colours or feelings. Our goodbyes meant good riddance. Do you remember this picture that you clicked? So much surreal like our love story that was never meant to be. A love story, we never said 'yes' to.

Written for Magpie Tales: mag 287


Karen S. said...

Those to me are the perfect love story! I'm all for chance meetings.

Berowne said...

Creative, innovative and intriguing. Well done.

brudberg said...

I like the play on those reflection.. :-)

Sun Bloom said...

Karen S. True!

Sun Bloom said...

@Berowne. Thank you!

Sun Bloom said...

@brudberg. Thanks! :-)