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Wednesday, 30 September 2015


It was after many years that I was able to know which was that activity that gave me a connection with myself. Is it not true for everyone? It only after you cross a certain age or have a certain experience that you start realising important things in life.

I love music. It was rather inculcated in me by my father and grandmother. I went to music classes until a certain grade and later I lost interest in learning. I gave up learning, but a tinge of the learnt lessons are still ingrained when I sing. Listening to melodious music, especially when played on flute touches my heart and soul. I get this feeling that there is nothing to be done in this world apart from listening to music.

I love writing. Pouring out one's feelings to another person without a fear of being judged is a kind of therapy. It is a relief to know that there is someone to listen. That forms the basic need to write.

I am a religious person. I like being a part of poojas and festivals. The very fact that there exists the most exulted Lord, a person of highest rank and supreme qualities is itself a great example for us to 'try' to be like Him. I like to know everything about religion, sacred practices, sanctity and the very origin of such ideas.

From the outset, it is possible to connect with everything we do, if we can try. And if we can connect with everything we do, or do everything we find a connection with, that is the greatest personal development anyone can achieve; beyond the worldly educational degrees and honours.

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