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Wednesday, 30 September 2015


It was after many years that I was able to know which was that activity that gave me a connection with myself. Is it not true for everyone? It only after you cross a certain age or have a certain experience that you start realising important things in life.

I love music. It was rather inculcated in me by my father and grandmother. I went to music classes until a certain grade and later I lost interest in learning. I gave up learning, but a tinge of the learnt lessons are still ingrained when I sing. Listening to melodious music, especially when played on flute touches my heart and soul. I get this feeling that there is nothing to be done in this world apart from listening to music.

I love writing. Pouring out one's feelings to another person without a fear of being judged is a kind of therapy. It is a relief to know that there is someone to listen. That forms the basic need to write.

I am a religious person. I like being a part of poojas and festivals. The very fact that there exists the most exulted Lord, a person of highest rank and supreme qualities is itself a great example for us to 'try' to be like Him. I like to know everything about religion, sacred practices, sanctity and the very origin of such ideas.

From the outset, it is possible to connect with everything we do, if we can try. And if we can connect with everything we do, or do everything we find a connection with, that is the greatest personal development anyone can achieve; beyond the worldly educational degrees and honours.

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Tuesday, 29 September 2015


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I can see your reflection as you clicked away a reflection of mine. A reflection inside a reflection, is it not like a bizarre dream? There were only reflections and no real you and me in the picture; just like our love story. Our real selves were lost amidst our mechanical lives of our routine job and duties. When we met, only our shadows met. Those shadows, devoid of colours or feelings. Our goodbyes meant good riddance. Do you remember this picture that you clicked? So much surreal like our love story that was never meant to be. A love story, we never said 'yes' to.

Written for Magpie Tales: mag 287

Monday, 28 September 2015


Between life and death
Life is transition
From nothing to forever.

From nothing to birth
Lifetime of love and hatred
And gone forever.

And gone forever
Leaving only memories.
Teardrops and smiles.

Written for Haiku Horizons: "between"

Saturday, 26 September 2015

A pinch of salt

There are different facades for TV commercials.
The very first one is that they are meant to sell a product to people.
The second is that they are a break from the regular programme that is being broad casted on a television.
The third is that they are another form of entertainment; because only that which can entertain and grab customer's attention is what sells.
The fourth is that they are a means of providing awareness to the society around.
Whichever way you try to view a commercial depends on your perspective. TV commercials, as we know, are as influential as they are expensive. They reach every member of a family from a toddler to an age-old person.

Personally, I find TV commercials interesting. I analyse the artistic talent of an ad agency, their way of presentation, the very core idea of a commercial and so on. Nowadays, there is extravagant emphasis on good-looks and physical appearance which is reflected in most of the commercials. There are myriad creams for turning a dark complexion fair. There is ample number of shampoos and hair oils to provide that last ray of hope to an ageing person or a balding person or a person with hair problems.TV commercials appear to meet every problem of our daily life and offer a solution to it. After all, our problems remain.

The projection that TV commercials portray sometimes appears like a mad-ad to me. For example, a lady is marriage-ready after she turns fairer. A husband is immensely happy because his wife washes his clothes really bright. A mother lets her child play in dirt because there is a one-stop solution for all the stains. I am amused at the way life's problem can be solved with such simple products or so they show. But, why are there problems still prevailing in our lives?

Why are we still fighting ageing when we know we will gradually get old, no matter which cream we use to prevent wrinkles, no matter which oil we use to grow hair, no matter which dye we use to colour the same and no matter what! Is it the mind-set of the society that makes these products sell? Or have these products really been so significant in our lives? What if we stopped being someone else by using these products?

We obviously, cannot go around with a balding head or a not-so-made-up face. These commercials and the products may not solve all our problems, but, they may mitigate some or it is just in our minds. So, we oscillate between growing old and staying young. It is the middle path we follow.

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The second trend that is prominent in all commercials is that "sex sells." Be it a deodorant, be it bathroom fittings, be it a soap, there has to be some body chemistry that is illustrated with the product as it catches attention. In few ways, it disgusts me, and I feel that it is the last, desperate and the worst form of getting attention from customers. It is, in other words, telling me, "Look here, I want to sell my product but, because my product is not worth your attention, I have some catchy obscenity that comes along with it."

Before such facts gets to one's nerves, one should decide to see the lighter side of thing. From that perspective, TV commercials can be funny and at times can mitigate the problems or sorrow in your life or they give an illusion of it.

So, lay back in repose, enjoy your cup of coffee and watch them. However, they are to be bought with a pinch of salt!

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Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Small life

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There was sunshine and flurry;
When she stepped out of the house,
But, rains put her life in a hurry
She ran to reach her spouse.

As she walked across a cafe,
Old memories were re-visited
Her exquisite feelings went astray
A small and easy life she coveted.

Like a queen she walked in
Tossing back her flowing hair
She was ready to indulge in a sin
Of coffee-addiction without a care!

For once she wanted to forget
That she had children to fend for
Chores to-be-done with sweat,
And her in-law's standing order.

Written for Magpie Tales: mag 286

Monday, 21 September 2015


From my childhood I had developed this thing for quotes. As a school leader, I was in-charge of writing 'thought for the day' on black-board everyday. It was the duty that I loved to do every morning before my classmates rushed into the class. The joy of entering an empty classroom first in the morning before everyone stepped in was immense! Writing at the top of the black-board, balancing on a chair, I would give a fresh start for the day. If there was appreciation from teachers for the quotes written, that would take my spirits to a higher level. Those good old days were fun.

There are many quotes that captured my heart. The following are a few:

From the movie, The Pursuit of Happyness

From the movie, Tangled


Think before you ink
And think after you ink too
For a nice haiku.


Lazy holiday
Heavy meal and good music
A good sleep after.

Written for Haiku Horizons: "after"

Sunday, 20 September 2015

Hello faceless!

Divya was scared to death as she inched closer to her home sweet home. Her mother was worried too, looking at the sweaty daughter, awaiting her return from college. As Divya stood near the threshold, the mother and the daughter exchanged looks. Her mother grew apprehensive of what chased her dear daughter home. Divya was not the kind who would return home early in the evening. She always hanged out with her friends late in the evening. She would randomly pick a few strangers from online social networking sites once in a while, know them and meet them. This thing for new people and psychology kept her busy making new friends.

It all started with a small talk.

A: Hello! That profile pic of yours is really impressive!

Divya: Thank you! May I know who you are?

A: Your schoolmate, Mr.A.

Divya: Oh, hi, how are you doing? What are you up to these days?

And then without much detailed introduction, the chat continued with exchange of numbers and address.

Nobody would give away their personal details to a stranger. But, a known school mate? "What is the harm?", she thought.

After a few days, she had this sinister fear of being stalked. The fear stemmed from a creepy guy who stood around the corner of her house-street. She clearly identified his face, her school mate whom she met online a few days back. Though she tried to obliterate his existence in many ways, he existed in real; and right around the corner.

Unknown numbers bothered her all day long, she lost her inner peace; she stopped social networking; she disconnected from all online beings and all real beings. She stayed in her room all day and all night. She discontinued her education. Her interest in life dwindled.

Today, she is under medication and psycho-therapy for paranoia. Online social networking can deter her from her real life was an unimaginable thought, but it had come true.

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Tuesday, 15 September 2015


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Four walls and a window
Painted with my colour favourite
Soothing it is to just see and know
My childhood room it was, a sight.

Dappled sunshine in the front porch
Brought with it bird-songs and sun bloom,
The front window and the curving arch,
Imbued with life, not a sign of doom.

Revisiting the house this afternoon
Dilapidated house and a tattered roof
"You are welcome," birds no more croon
This prototype is its spoof.

Written for Magpie Tales: mag 285

Monday, 14 September 2015


She was a teacher
Who commanded her respect
Energetic days.

Energetic days
Vibrant and knowledgeable
Mobile library.

Today she is old
Bed-ridden and motionless
Before and after.

Before and after
No heroine or hero
Can fight time and age.

Written for Haiku Horizons: "before"

Friday, 11 September 2015

Love for life

Inspiration can imbue life to a seed of an idea. To be able to be inspired and stay inspired is an expression of love for life. I have come across such love from a living entity who is now in her twilight years. 

She is around seventy-eight years old and if you think what can you expect from a lady so tired and aged, you are wrong. She is an epitome of inspiration. One moment she is laughing at a silly banter with her grand-children and the next moment she is frowning busily doing household chores. I would love to take inspiration from her following life story.

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It was a tough time. She was bereaved of her husband early in her age, with two sons and a married daughter(with a new-born baby). Shedding away all the conservative traditions and customs, she stood alone as a care-taker of the family. The sons were old enough to be bread-winners of the family. However, they chose to live off some saved earnings. They lived in a dilapidated house, which would give away during rains. Nightmares of the roof crumbling down like a pack of cards would disturb her. The house needed reconstruction. It was the only house they had to live and moreover, where was the money for renovation?

At the same time, there was an unsettled court case. The only land that was left by her mother as a gift to her was occupied by some crooked villagers who claimed the land as theirs. She needed some money for livelihood and decided to sell the land. She started receiving threats to her life with that decision. She ran down to the place for inspection and a villager threatened her with deadly weapons. She stood there alone, not afraid of her life, but, with a determined aim to find justice. Life had given her more difficulties than she had bargained for. A lost husband, un-earning sons, and a house that would anytime kill them by crashing down. She was the only woman of the house and she did prove it! She fought the legal-cases through several levels of courts from district to state and won over. The land was hers finally. 

Bread winner and a fighter

The next step she took was unbeleivable for a lady of that generation and making. She dared a huge amount of loan for the reconstruction of the house. The land of one house was split to construct two small ones so that she could rent it away and with the rent, she would repay the loan. The mortgage for the loan was the same house itself. She decided to live in a house that was leased for some amount of time, until the construction was over. Today, she has finished building the houses and has repaid all her loans and more; she is her own bread-winner. 

Yes, she might have collapsed down when alone, unable to muster strength for the difficulties that came by in a series, but, we never got to see that face. Yes, she might have cried alone through sleepless nights, but, we never got to see her tears. Yes, might have cursed her fate for bringing her life to a standstill in her youth, but, we never got to see that woman. 

She has always been a woman with a cheering smile on her face, in times of emptiness, in times of strife and in the living present! She has not won over medals, degrees and honours, but, she certainly has comprehended life beyond and above them all. Still waters run deep.

Personally, to me, she is the woman of the house who never failed womanhood and never failed to astonish manhood!

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I have run away!

Life is a great teacher. It teaches lessons the hard way and the lessons are etched in our memory throughout our lives. Among those lessons, one of the most important one is compromise. Yes, deny it how many ever times and in how many ever ways you want, but in the end, you will compromise either with the people around you or with your own life itself! If one learns this lesson well and in a dignified manner, this idea of eloping from the present probably never strikes your daily living.

We chase many dreams in life, not knowing whether it is the true calling of our life, until there is some point in life where you have to decide between only the two choices, 'true calling' or the other to-be-done. Haven't you, at some point in life, realised that you are chasing a wrong dream? If your answer is no, well done! But, if your answer is yes, then, one might pause and ask oneself, "Am I born to do this?" or "Do I think I am born to do this?" Life then makes us stand at crossroads wondering which way is for me. Here I am at the same crossroads with the following choices.

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Choice 1:

I always wanted to do my Masters and Ph.D, I thought I was born to do it. However, it didn't materialise for many reasons. If I elope from the present, I would pursue my higher studies.

Choice 2:

I always wanted to settle abroad. "Grass appears greener on the other side", a few may think, but why not check it out yourself?

Choice 3:

I wanted to be a traveller. I love to travel places, click pictures and enjoy the palpable joy that travelling bestows. 

Is it not crazy to elope and run behind our imagination of an unknown dreamy beautiful life than to croon along with the present life? Who knows tomorrow anyway? A few of your true calling may come true in your future, if not for present.

Wednesday, 9 September 2015


I cannot believe my eyes that I am finally here at my dream destination. I always wanted to visit this place at least once in my lifetime and at most settle here for the rest of my life. Today, on my birthday, I am here as a visitor. Thank you, my life, for making this happen!

Divya finished scribbling in her diary and raised her head to look through the window. These little dreams, silly frenzy at fulfilling them, that exultation of heart for petty things become wonderful memories in life. Life!

Written for Magpie Tales: mag 284

Monday, 7 September 2015


His own life floated
In front of the dying man
The bullet pierced him.

Written for Haiku Horizons: "float"

Two minutes

Life is short
This poem might last
In your heart
Read it fast.

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Thursday, 3 September 2015

To know

Peonies, William Merritt Chase, 1897

She smelled those flowers, some of them already withering. It was her husband who sent them without missing her birthday every year. Well, it was a standing order at the flower shop. The fragrance filled the room and it brought with it some distant memories, a forgotten song, a memory of an enchanting evening, when they were newly married. Life was perfect and beautiful.

She smelled those flowers again, this time, nonchalantly. Maybe, it was not meant to be. After ten years, they drifted apart because she was never happy with him. And soon he began to realise that he could never make her feel happy, nor could he be. They separated.

She smelled those flowers again, and stared at the distant sky. She had her child's custody and as a single mom she never had time to find a man of her life again. Days rolled into months, months rolled into years, as she lost her youth and beauty.

He never made contacts with her after they separated; not even had he remembered to cancel the order at the flower shop. Maybe, she was just a dot in his universe today. Ah, those flowers again. They always awakened the long lost memories. But, tonight it brought a realization to her.

She was not happy today too. It was not the marriage that made her unhappy. It was she who was unhappy with, her own self.

Alas! It took a marriage and twenty years of long gone life to know. Life is brutal.Yes it is.

Written for Magpie Tales: mag 283