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Monday, 10 August 2015


The world stopped stand-still
As you grabbed away
The love of my life.

Days and months passed
I am still trying to fill
That hole in my heart.

Months and years passed
That empty hole in my heart
I could never fill.

All the days and nights
Maybe the rest of my life
I will try to fill.

That is the good part
I have a reason to live
To tend to my heart.

Written for Haiku Horizons: "grab"


Reading Pleasure said...

Poignant words.

rhymeswithbug said...

so full of anguish and hope

Sun Bloom said...

@Reading Pleasure
Thank you!

yes, two sides of the same coin.

Milan Rajkumar said...

Full of pathos , yet hope lingers ! A string of beautiful words !

Sun Bloom said...

@Milan.. thank you.

Alice said...

What a rich river of emotion. Very nice.

Sun Bloom said...

@Alice. . Thank you.