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Thursday, 27 August 2015


On October 19th again, he had a filling English breakfast.
Baked beans, toasted bread with butter and honey, yogurt, pancakes and croissants were her choices.
It was his curiosity to feel and know why his Indian wife loved an English breakfast that she would not mind eating everyday.
He had a cup of delicious chocolate milkshake, her favourite way of finishing off the breakfast.
And then he smiled at the opposite empty seat, like the previous October 19th, wishing she was alive to enjoy it on his birthday.


Archana Kapoor said...

Oh wow... that was soulful and melancholic... loved it... sharing it...
Cheers, Archana -

Kaasja said...

Great blog post , as usual my Dear ! :)

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Sun Bloom said...

@Archana. Thank you very much! It means a lot to me.

Sun Bloom said...

@Kaasja. Thank you.