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Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Lipstick paradox

There used to be an aging receptionist who sported myriad colours of lipstick on different days matching her dress, nails or her vanity bag. 
It used to be a spectacle to watch how she would splash different colours on her body and make a fashion statement everyday.
One day, surprised to see her with eye make-up only and no lipstick, I registered it to myself.
She felt so conscious about it that she walked across to me and told me that her lips had an allergy to lipstick colours and she can no more wear them.
I smiled at life's irony and said, "When you want to look good, life won't let you."


cifar shayar said...

cosmetics only enhances the beauty , real beauty lies in naturalness

My take The Red Lipstick

DEE DEE said...

nice take

Sun Bloom said...

@cifar shayar. . True.

Sun Bloom said...

@DEE DEE... Thanks.