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Monday, 24 August 2015

Movie Review - Uppi 2

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Being a Kannadiga, I am not very proud of kannada movies, owing to the quality of language used in the movies, the uninteresting plot or the quality of music. However, Uppi 2 struck a different chord.

The concept of the movie is the stark truth of life. If you give up being selfish (naanu), you will realize the importance of life. It is what every religion has to say, it is what every philosophy has to propagate. The 'I' in you dies, when you see the 'you' in others. And then life just boils down to a simple plane.


The way he has brought life to the characters called 'naanu', 'neenu' and avnu, linking them through a philosophical straight line and has made a suspense story out of it, was what kept me captivated throughout the movie. The meaning of the movie is very subjective, meaning to say, each person can interpret this movie in his own way, depending on how he is wired in his brain. This makes me feel like I saw one of Christopher Nolan movies. The ending is left to readers' discretion. You see what you make of it.

The very fact that none of the present Kannada directors are attempting such movies, nowadays, this movie stands out in the crowd. I salute this man for taking this step. Also, I do realise that he has taken a great risk by directing this movie, in terms of money; because not everyone understands this movie for once, if you do understand, you will surely appreciate the beauty of the concept. Else, a few impatient viewers might throw their ticket away, taking home nothing at all, given the fact, that most people in our country watch movies for entertainment, recreation and for an adrenaline rush. A handful may expect a thought-provoking movie for a break. Hence, I justify that it is a risky venture in terms of money.


Here are the facts that I do not like about the movie; It is typically a Upendra movie when there has to be a double-meaning non-vegetarian joke. It irks me when it is especially about a woman. I have a strong belief that a woman should be respected for all she is. Some of the scenes in his movies perturb me when I am in for a shock. Another fact is that Upendra has this habit of clubbing random scenes together and making it a movie. Sometimes, at such points, the continuity of the movie or a scene is lost, and the viewer is teased. I do not know if he does this on purpose or if it is his innate quality. Whatever it is, I find it moderately offhand for a movie presentation.

Rating: 4 stars.

Verdict: I definitely recommend this movie to everyone. It IS thought provoking and such movies ARE needed for the current era.

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