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Friday, 11 September 2015

I have run away!

Life is a great teacher. It teaches lessons the hard way and the lessons are etched in our memory throughout our lives. Among those lessons, one of the most important one is compromise. Yes, deny it how many ever times and in how many ever ways you want, but in the end, you will compromise either with the people around you or with your own life itself! If one learns this lesson well and in a dignified manner, this idea of eloping from the present probably never strikes your daily living.

We chase many dreams in life, not knowing whether it is the true calling of our life, until there is some point in life where you have to decide between only the two choices, 'true calling' or the other to-be-done. Haven't you, at some point in life, realised that you are chasing a wrong dream? If your answer is no, well done! But, if your answer is yes, then, one might pause and ask oneself, "Am I born to do this?" or "Do I think I am born to do this?" Life then makes us stand at crossroads wondering which way is for me. Here I am at the same crossroads with the following choices.

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Choice 1:

I always wanted to do my Masters and Ph.D, I thought I was born to do it. However, it didn't materialise for many reasons. If I elope from the present, I would pursue my higher studies.

Choice 2:

I always wanted to settle abroad. "Grass appears greener on the other side", a few may think, but why not check it out yourself?

Choice 3:

I wanted to be a traveller. I love to travel places, click pictures and enjoy the palpable joy that travelling bestows. 

Is it not crazy to elope and run behind our imagination of an unknown dreamy beautiful life than to croon along with the present life? Who knows tomorrow anyway? A few of your true calling may come true in your future, if not for present.

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