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Friday, 11 September 2015

Love for life

Inspiration can imbue life to a seed of an idea. To be able to be inspired and stay inspired is an expression of love for life. I have come across such love from a living entity who is now in her twilight years. 

She is around seventy-eight years old and if you think what can you expect from a lady so tired and aged, you are wrong. She is an epitome of inspiration. One moment she is laughing at a silly banter with her grand-children and the next moment she is frowning busily doing household chores. I would love to take inspiration from her following life story.

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It was a tough time. She was bereaved of her husband early in her age, with two sons and a married daughter(with a new-born baby). Shedding away all the conservative traditions and customs, she stood alone as a care-taker of the family. The sons were old enough to be bread-winners of the family. However, they chose to live off some saved earnings. They lived in a dilapidated house, which would give away during rains. Nightmares of the roof crumbling down like a pack of cards would disturb her. The house needed reconstruction. It was the only house they had to live and moreover, where was the money for renovation?

At the same time, there was an unsettled court case. The only land that was left by her mother as a gift to her was occupied by some crooked villagers who claimed the land as theirs. She needed some money for livelihood and decided to sell the land. She started receiving threats to her life with that decision. She ran down to the place for inspection and a villager threatened her with deadly weapons. She stood there alone, not afraid of her life, but, with a determined aim to find justice. Life had given her more difficulties than she had bargained for. A lost husband, un-earning sons, and a house that would anytime kill them by crashing down. She was the only woman of the house and she did prove it! She fought the legal-cases through several levels of courts from district to state and won over. The land was hers finally. 

Bread winner and a fighter

The next step she took was unbeleivable for a lady of that generation and making. She dared a huge amount of loan for the reconstruction of the house. The land of one house was split to construct two small ones so that she could rent it away and with the rent, she would repay the loan. The mortgage for the loan was the same house itself. She decided to live in a house that was leased for some amount of time, until the construction was over. Today, she has finished building the houses and has repaid all her loans and more; she is her own bread-winner. 

Yes, she might have collapsed down when alone, unable to muster strength for the difficulties that came by in a series, but, we never got to see that face. Yes, she might have cried alone through sleepless nights, but, we never got to see her tears. Yes, might have cursed her fate for bringing her life to a standstill in her youth, but, we never got to see that woman. 

She has always been a woman with a cheering smile on her face, in times of emptiness, in times of strife and in the living present! She has not won over medals, degrees and honours, but, she certainly has comprehended life beyond and above them all. Still waters run deep.

Personally, to me, she is the woman of the house who never failed womanhood and never failed to astonish manhood!

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