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Thursday, 22 January 2015

Bits of paper, bits of paper...

Bits of paper,
Bits of paper;
Lying on the floor,
Lying on the floor;

Makes the place untidy,
Makes the place untidy;
Pick them up,
Pick them up.

We were taught these nursery rhymes when we were little. But, litterbugs never outgrow their habit irrespective of what good rhymes they are taught.

Nenapirali, Idu Nimma Nagara!

The most common work of BBMP (Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike) that falls in sight in Bengaluru is the above statement. It says, “Remember, this is your city.” 

A litterbug reads it and smirks. Of course, this is your city, not mine, so feel free to litter. 

If Mahatma had to re-incarnate on Earth, he would change the basic principles that he emphasized to the world – Truth and Ahimsa. Probably, Ahimsa and Cleanliness would be his next lifetime’s mantra for salvation. He would re-write his autobiography of “My experiments with Truth” to “My experiments with Dirt.”

Litterbugs are the reason we realize the value of cleanliness. If it wasn’t for litterbugs, why would we have Mahatma Gandhi starting a revolution of clean India. Of course, our Prime Minister Manmohan Singh became famous through his Clean India Campaign. Many thanks to litterbugs, they are the assets of our society, and yes, our country possesses many of them.

Job opportunities 

Litterbugs help keep dirty places dirty. And they make sure that clean places are soon dirty for the non-litterbugs to clean. They create job opportunities for others. Road, malls, theatres, public places have housekeeping personnel because of litterbugs. When there are people appointed for cleaning tasks, they give them enough work to keep them busy on their job.  Whoever thought unemployment is a major problem in India with increasing litterbugs!

Many organizations like National Cadet Corps (NCC) have volunteered to clean streets of India because they are littered. School children and adults alike have taken this initiative during their free time like weekends or holidays. Otherwise, how bored and jobless would they be on their holidays!

Matter cannot be destroyed. It can only be transferred from one place to another.

See how scientific-natured litterbugs are? They do not destroy/ process any waste. They either dump it around their house or in their surroundings. And these wastes in turn are either carried away by garbage collectors or by natural agents such as wind, rain, animals etc.

Quick solution to waste disposal 

Litterbug’s life: If I’m in a car and eating a banana, where do I throw the peel? Of course, I don’t have a carry cover with me. Feel free to litter, not in the car, but on the road. Sorry I have neither patience nor the virtue of cleanliness to keep it and throw it later. My car comes first and the road next. 

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Yes, they are environmentally challenged, they just “can’t” keep the city clean.

A litterbug’s view on dirtied Ganga River:

The river is the most extolled and the most sacred of all rivers. So, why should we maintain it clean? If it can carry away your “invisible” sins, then it has the power to carry away the visible dirt too. We worship Ganga irrespective of whether its water is clean or not.

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