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Friday, 1 April 2016

For the stomach is empty again

Soon as I started this blog, I entered a contest on Indiblogger relating to food. (Read the post here) Surprisingly, I won a participation prize and an early bird prize for it. That is my early memory of food with Indiblogger.

But, the relationship of a man to food is dated ages back. Our vedas say, "Annam na nindyaat", meaning do not curse food. Our grand-mothers used to say, "Do not get angry on food." (When we skipped meals just because our parents did get us what we wanted them to buy.) No matter how the food tastes, it is supposed to be received with both hands as a blessing from God, because there are many others struggling to earn two meals a day. Vedas also say that the act of eating is a form of "yagna". A saint sits in our stomach to churn and grind the food we eat. And hence, we are supposed clean our "five organs", namely mouth, two hands and two legs before starting the yagna. That is the sanctity attached to food. 

Cooking is my passion. I like to dish out new delicacies, snacks and savouries. Spicy food is my personal choice. I like to spice up things and when the taste lingers on your palate long after you have finished eating the spicy food is one thing I enjoy the most. As a little girl, I liked masala dosas of restaurants, but, as I grew and explored different places and tastes, I like a variety of foods, except those that worsen my allergies and non-vegetarian dishes. 

"A man's way to heart is through stomach", is what they say. It is true for women too. Who does not like to feast? Men and women alike, food can entice different age groups. It also brings them together on festivities and special occasions. From a basic want of man to a means to bring families together, food can be a want to a luxury for us. 

One man's dream
Another man's luxury
Bread, wine and cream
Someone's domestic drudgery.

What one man can eat,
Another man can waste.
One can feast on meat
Another can barely taste.

As much as I hate to say
Money controls a man.
Deny the fact you may,
But have more, when you can.

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