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Tuesday, 12 April 2016

J - Junk Food

I am a fan of junk food. My love for junk food started from childhood with chocolates and it still remains. I get easily bored with routine and if it is the same food everyday, I sulk, I complain, I cry and I eat. I hate bland food. I prefer spicy, pungent food over sour or sweet flavours. Masala puri is my favourite spicy food and chocolates can never satiate my sweet tooth. Regular food with extra chilli and pepper can get me head over heels. I simply love junk food, also, I am careful that I eat them few times a week only. (Well, at least I did not say few times a day!)

Written for A to Z April Challenge, 2016.


Liz said...

I eat almost the same thing every day, mainly because I am a 'brittle' diabetic and knowing how I'm going to react to food is a big help! But of course I eat chocolate... I was going to say, I couldn't live without it, but actually I gave it up once and after 6 months didn't miss it... ~Liz

Sun Bloom said...

Ah! That's nice to know.