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Tuesday, 19 April 2016

P - Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a mixed state of emotions. It can be shocking for the unprepared ones, it can be depressing for women going through a tough phase of life and it can be a joyous celebration for women who were desperate to be mothers. But, it can never be just a plain news. The journey of nine months, lesser for some and more for others, is a packaged offer a mother or a to-be mother can experience. For a few unfortunate ones, when the journey does not offer an experience of being a mother to a new born, the event turns into a horror.

The best experiences of pregnancy can be the following:

  • You feel the kicks inside the womb.
  • You get to rest and enjoy the extraordinary attention and care that people around you pay.
  • You get to fulfill your cravings from your loved ones.
  • Finally, when you are a mother, all the pain is forgotten and you are born again.

Written for A to Z April Challenge, 2016.


JEN Garrett said...

After reading your post, it suddenly makes sense why people acted the way they did around me. For me pregnancy was just news. It happens, and then after a day of pain, I have a new baby to love and cherish. But not so, I see!

Sun Bloom said...

@JEN Garrett
Yes, thanks for reading!