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Saturday, 9 April 2016

H - Habit

It is said that it takes a certain number of days of continuous practice to become a habit. I would like to list a few cultivated habits that have helped me in the long run.

  • Exercising
  • Reading
  • Concentration
  • Learning new things and memorizing them.
  • Writing
Each of the above has made me a better person than I used to be. Anger management is yet another item to be added on the list. The work is under progress.


Warren Brown said...

That's a nice list ("G" & "H" were great posts btw!) and good luck with any items that you add in the future!

Sun Bloom said...

@Warren Brown.
Thanks a lot!:)

Anonymous said...

It's so frustrating that it's as easy to form a bad habit as a good one. But you're right - if you can stick to something for just three weeks, it'll be hard to stop, good or bad. I have the exercising habit down, but I really need to get the writing habit down still.

Sun Bloom said...

@Jennifer Amerkhanov
All the best with writing. Hope you will enjoy!