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Thursday, 14 April 2016

L - Lust

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Every nerve in his body
Went through a surge
Of frenzy intoxication
Allowing himself to indulge.

A simple camaraderie
Turned into silly small talks
Soon he found himself bury
In her lustful arms.

It was a sin, he knew
She belonged to no one.
As her lips kissed his sinew
Knowing every one belonged to her.

A lustful gesture that tempted
Him to go feral and beastly
The prostitute patiently waited
Until lust lured another customer.

Written for A to Z April Challenge, 2016.
Written for The Tuesday Platform


De said...

This is deeply sad. There's such a loneliness in the last stanza, for both of them.

Mama Zen said...

That last stanza does give this an expected turn. It is sad.

dysfunctionalmind said...

Wow! Absolutely marvellous!
[@samantha_rjsdr] from
Whimsical Compass

ozzypip said...

poem. I agree withthe comments above that the last stanza is particularly powerful. All the best with the rest of the A to Z challenge

C.C. said...

The emptiness at the end pours out and reframes the rest of the piece differently than one initially imagined it at the start.

Sun Bloom said...

Yes, there is.

Sun Bloom said...

@Mama Zen
I intended the turn. Thank you!

Sun Bloom said...

Thank you!

Sun Bloom said...

Sure, thanks.

Sun Bloom said...

@ C.C.
Yes, I intended the turn. Thanks!