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Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Q - Queue

The most important manners that lack in our citizens is the sense of forming a queue. We were brought up in schools by inculcating queue habits that we soon forget after growing up. Sadly, our education system does not test the values that education can gift a human being. It is measured on a scale of how much salary that one gets and what is the value of the person in the marriage market. It is sad, I confess. Whenever there have been times when people have trespassed queues, I have resorted to arguing or fighting with them to make them stand in line. Be it a temple or an office, some as Indians really do not appreciate queue system. But, queue is a way of paying respect to your own time as well as others. Please do queue up instead of vying in a crowd to get things done.

Written for A to Z April Challenge, 2016.


JEN Garrett said...

I have often thought that our American way of standing in lines was one of the weakness of our society. We stand in lines in grade school, while grocery shopping, transportation... even waiting in theatres and amusement parks for entertainment!
But this post made me think of it in a new way. I love when that happens!
Thank you.

Sun Bloom said...

@JEN Garrett
Haha, nice to know!