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Wednesday, 13 April 2016

K - Kiss

My first kiss was the most memorable one. It was the first of all my beautiful experiences. And it was the best of all my experiences. As my lips touched him, I felt delirious excitement of being alive. I suddenly knew the reason for living from that moment. I would trade off any amount of time just to feel his soft, fragile skin as he squirms in his sleep. His tender eyes, when look back at me, I know for sure that nothing in this world is more important than him - my new born son. Maybe I gave you life, but, I am born again with you!

Written for A to Z April Challenge, 2016.


Julia said...

I love the suspense in this short post until you build up to be about a person I did not expect. Nice post.

Sun Bloom said...

That was my intention. Thanks!