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Tuesday, 24 June 2014

I passed by a monument ...

I don't know where my opinion stands. Because anything with love wins. Live-in or marriage, unless you allow the society to influence your relationship. It is just a matter of realizing true love in each other. It may take a marriage for a few and for a few others it may take a live-in relationship. It might take a lifetime for a few, it might take a short time for a few others. And a few more might not find it at all.

Nobody is born perfect in this world. It takes love to make someone perfect.

To be in a live-in, you should be strong enough to walk against the society and say "No I'm going to search for my true love only this way!". But, the point is, how can you be so sure? By the time you decide, your true love might be married off to a woman in the cliched society or your hair may start graying.

I'm not sure about anything apart from the opinion that true love always, and  ALWAYS wins in the end.

And before you die, do you care whether you married the person or you just moved-in with him/her? Nope. You would only look back at the memories that you couldn't forget.

Good ones or bad is up to you and your fate.

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