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Saturday, 7 June 2014

Growing up

It's a strange word. Growing up. You will never know what it exactly means, and you will never know when it starts and ends. Yet, it's a crucial phase of everyone's life, ironically.

Ammi was an orphan girl. Her parents were alive, but childless. She was abandoned by them and they were dead to her. That was what everyone told her. Yes, of course, that was an easier way to live life - she, in delusion and they, in denial. If Ammi had known the reality, it would have taken eternity to come to terms with her life, or probably she wouldn't have come to terms with it at all. Mom, dad, brother, sister, these bonds had no meaning in her life.

Once when walking down the street of her house, she had seen a child back from school holding her mama's hand. Of course, she lived in a so-called house, thatched roof that allowed all seasons - sunshine, moonlight, rain, chilly air and snow! There was nobody with her, to call it a home. There was a shudder down her spine when she saw the heart-rendering scene in front of her eyes. Why was she deprived of the smallest pleasures in life, she didn't find an answer.

The kid was going home from school. She accidentally stepped into a muddy pothole. Her mom grumbled. The school shoes, polished snow-white carefully and immaculately by her mother, were soiled. Ammi looked at her own sun-tanned feet. Bare, rough and cracked. She didn't have a pair of shoes.

A tear escaped her eyes, she was in deep pain. So much pain that if she had felt it, it would kill her. She had steeled herself, against all troubles. It was a part of growing up she thought, to be indifferent, fearless, painless and lifeless. But, who would anyway tell her what is growing up?

Written for Three Word Wednesday.

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