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Friday, 20 June 2014

Borosil is in

Borosil glass. The thought that first strikes me is laboratory glassware. Yes, we used borosil measuring cylinders ONLY, because the measuring cylinders' graduations were precise for a successful experiment. Our labmates had tried using plastic measuring cylinders and were disappointed to find how 500mL of water in one plastic cylinder had showed 520 mL in another. Sorry, science cannot afford such inaccuracy. But, the case was different with borosil glasswares. They were accurate and made for scientific experiments.

The thought of using borosil for kitchen crockery is an interesting idea! The transparency of glass helps to keep the different colours of food visible and tempting. Salads of cucumber, carrot, onion cut into different attractive shapes and arranged in a dinner bowl set, look luscious. The red tomato sauce on the salad could add as a feather on the cap. A veg manchow soup, my personal favourite, would give away its secret ingedients through a transparent bowl. A vegetable-rich cooked rice looks very delicious in a borosil casserole. The green of peas and cucumber, the red of carrots, the golden brown of paneer and onions, offer your senses a feast. Cakes are a delight for eyes and taste buds when kept in a easy-grip-round-cake dish. One could excuse oneself for indulging in a fulfilling meal.

Children, especially, despise vegetables. By improving the appearance of food, we could attract them to nutritious food and a healthy lifestyle and alleviate the serious conditions of malnutrition. And, why not, make all mothers happy? If you are thinking, "Happiness comes at a price", says who? It comes at an affordable price here at

Another advantage of borosilicate is that it withstands high temperature for microwaving food stuff and without giving off chemicals into food materials. What an alternative to cheap plastic containers that release harmful chemicals when heated!

I was attracted to especially the melamine wares. I had bought 5 serving plates of melamine as a gift to my cousins. They look catchy, trendy and like they say "kewl" (cool). The boring and monotonous steel containers and coffee cups make the kitchen look dull and so-less-of-life. 21st century is heading towards a revolution in fashion and colours, and it applies to kitchen too! Let's make our kitchen colourful and lively.

And the food cooked here will take care of the rest of the work.

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