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Monday, 12 October 2015


When the lights are out
And all our conscience is dead
The game is over.


Weekend is over
Next week ahead and again
The routine irked her.


Written for Haiku Horizons: "over"


Kathy Combs said...

Really hate when the weekend is over! Great pair of haiku for the prompt. ♥

Archana Kapoor said...

hate the weekend getting over... LOL

Cheers, Archana

Sun Bloom said...

@Kathy Combs. Thanks!

Sun Bloom said...

@Archana Kapoor. Haha.

Milan Rajkumar said...

Yes .... The game is over ! Nice duo !

Sun Bloom said...

@Milan. Thank you!

Ruby Manchanda said...

Lovely haikus

Sun Bloom said...

@Ruby Manchanda. Thank you!