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Saturday, 17 October 2015


It was raining cats and dogs. Ensconcing himself, Sunil drove his car. A lightening flashed across the sky. It is a beautiful phenomenon to know that a small spark can transform into a powerful lightning and throw light to the earth below. A spark can ignite a house and burn it to cinder, the very same spark can bring about a beautiful sight across the sky as lightning and the same spark can take away lives. Nature is mysterious, a thing of beauty can be a thing of danger too!

Sunil's thoughts thronged around his mother. As the bumper of his car cannoned into the pouring rain, his irrepressible thoughts made him overwrought. He was disowned by his mother when he was a teenager. Not because he was an uncontrollable bastard that any mother could not control, not because he brought disfame to his parents. But, because she was not interested in parenting. Her mother had dreamt of big life - house full of maids and servants, wardrobe crammed with exquisite collection of clothes, an extravagant bungalow in her name, nothing else to worry about in her life. And taking care of a child? That was too strenuous for her.

He had grown in his relatives' house all these scorching years, managed to find a job for himself and stood on his own legs. He was a successful man for an average middle class person. His mother had never tried to know where or how he was brought up. It was surprising for a mother to never think about her son. It was appalling, in fact for an outsider. But, his mother was who she was. 

Sunil honked when he rushed to over-take another vehicle ahead of him. It was 5 AM and he had driven 500 km from his residence to his mother's residence. He never knew the reason that made him travel the distance for a woman who was not worth it. Tears ran down his cheeks, as the sentence reverberated in his head.

Your mother passed away tonight at 11 PM!

Yes, she was gone forever from his life. Not just gone, staying somewhere unknown to him, but, she was gone forever, never to return. He had lost a second chance to know, accept and be with his mother and she had lost her son and her life at the same time. Gods must be having a good laugh at them. 

He stopped his vehicle at Utopia Manor. He had finally reached his mother's residence. It was, indeed, a bungalow, she was living her dream. She was filthy rich, the design of the house could say it. 

A man noticing him, immediately jumped on his feet and ran towards him. He introduced himself as his mother's husband and handed him a note that was left for him from his mother.

I lived a disillusioned life and my worst regret is that I abandoned my motherhood for it.

His knees grew weak and he sat down on the grass in dead silence for a long time. When he was done mourning and tried to stand up, he could not feel his legs. He had driven all night and had turned numb physically and emotionally.

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