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Monday, 1 December 2014

Cleanliness #AbMontuBolega

Do you ever voluntarily like to eat at a restaurant which is as cluttered as any dirtied street of your city and pay the price of a fine-dining hotel? Plus, your medical bills for eating at such a filthy place?

Do you ever visit a burning yard of wastes and be happy about the smoke that it emits and the health hazards that it causes, and can it be worse when it is situated near your house?

If the answers to those questions is no, then why are we putting up with it silently?
I’m proud to take up this initiative to speak up about cleanliness-awareness. And that is what #AbMontuBolega Campaign is all about. Making your opinions about cleanliness audible to the concerned authorities, the Campaign has inspired us to take one step ahead. Yes, we do require such initiatives, because we cannot be silent spectators and allow the leaders and politicians to be laid back and relaxed when the whole nation is suffering in filth.

There are severe issues that require immediate attention. They are as follows:
1. Proper sewage and closed drainage pipes to be laid out in all areas. Solving this issue eliminates the primary problem of seepage of waste water into drinking water lines and thus in turn avoids health hazards.

2. Proper execution of segregation of wastes following which there have to be waste treatment plants to process the wastes.

3. Tarred or concrete roads to be laid out to minimize dust on the roads and avoid respiratory problems as vehicles pass by.

4. Your-house-your-cleanliness concept where every house takes charge of cleanliness around its own house. For example, we burst crackers during Deepavali and took up the responsibility to clean up all the burnt cracker remains and hand it over to the garbage collector the next day. We cannot wait for a corporation/municipality sweepers to come and clean for us.

5. The elimination of open drainage systems. It prevents the mixing of rain water and overflowing of drains during rainy days.

6. Plant trees in front of your house. Considering the Indian population and the rising housing projects, planting at least one tree per house makes much difference to the already polluted cities by reducing the carbon-di-oxide levels in the air, gifting us with oxygen-rich pure air. Also, more importantly, taking care to water these plants/trees to maintain them.

7. Stop dumping of wastes at residential places and burning of the same.

8. Maintained public bathroom and toilet facilities so that nobody  has to urinate or poop in open spaces. There are already such facilities in some areas, however their maintenance is at a pathetic state. Taking charge of their maintenance is another step further.

And as a basis of all these, for officials and volunteers to work for a system, they have to be corruption free. That is the filth at the basis which needs clearing up. There has been news that BBMP officials have many unpaid bills to many contractors. This amount account to many crores put together. There has to be purity in minds towards duty-consciousness. These culprits have to be found out and punished appropriately so that nobody follows their steps.

It pains to write that we are back to pre-Independence era. Then we used to fight external invaders (British) in our country. And today we fight against our own people whose minds have been invaded with corrupt, rapist thoughts.

I wish to see a country where no official is corrupt, no one offers or receives bribery and no girl sheds a tear just because she is born girl. And thanks to #AbMontuBolega Campaign, as well as Strepsils (facebook)/ Strepsils (Twitter), for giving me an opportunity to voice my opinion.

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