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Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Akshaya Patra

Education is the basis of life. It encompasses all aspects of life such as employment, literacy, self-reliance, morality and awareness of about our society and country. An educated man/woman can find a job and feed himself/herself and his/her family. A morally educated society has better social and cultural values which in turn alleviates the problem of rising crime rates in the society. Apart from core subjects and languages, moral education and physical education taught in schools help an individual to be a healthy contributor both mentally and physically. And as today's children are tomorrow's citizens, our nation will be in safe hands of well-educated citizens. Hence, education is the basic right of every child.

Food is the basic want of a man. Until and unless the basic needs of food, clothing and shelter are not fulfilled, it is impossible to aim at higher goals beyond the needs and wants. Novel initiatives such as the following can help make the society better educated and fulfil the basic wants hand in hand.

1. Provide one meal a day for all the school-going children at school.

2. For children who pass monthly tests with an average score or above, provide greater incentives like monthly ration card which helps the child to draw groceries sufficient for another member of the family. This would not only encourage the child to excel in studies, it would boost the family members to send their children to school and support their studies.

3. The above strategy can be extended for higher education aslo. A child of a higher grade should be given more incentives compared to a child of a lower grade. For example, providing uniform or sanitary pads for girls alon with one meal a day.

4. Check for child labour and identify uneducated children. Once they are identified, admit them to schools so that they get enough meals to feed themselves as well as get educated.

5. Teach children tailoring, handicrafts and such co-curricular activities (can include karate for girls for self-defense) so that children can become an earning member of the family in their free time apart from becoming educated. This way, their parents are also happy and the nation can witness more entrepreneurs.

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Locomente said...

Interesting perspective...
Thanks for sharing...

Sun Bloom said...

Thanks for reading. :)

rudraprayaga said...

Useful tips.If brought into practicality it will help the people to be aware about their rights.

Sun Bloom said...

Yes. Definitely. And unfortunately, execution is a challenge in India. Talk about bribery, corruption and greedy middlemen!