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Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Road safety is everyone's responsibility!

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Nissan Safety Driving Forum (NSDF) has started an initiative for road safety in India. A very much needed initiative in the days of rising road traffic issues and the number of vehicles on the road. Road rages and lack of safe-driving-sense is a common sight in the current days. Many thanks to NSDF team for initiating a noble cause and I am glad to be a part of this responsibility.

Due to over-population and a need to have one’s own vehicle for comfort, India is seeing a sudden crescendo in the number of vehicles that are put on roads. Hence, management of road traffic and safety-driving have become key players in the current scenario. And this should start from every driver who takes charge of his own life and his fellows while on wheels.

The following points can help bring about road safety in India.
  1. Get proper training from registered driving schools on how to ride a vehicle. Such institutes should not only teach how to drive a vehicle, but also educate a driver on various traffic signs and signals.
  2. Proper use of indicators while taking any turn. I have observed many drivers who do not show indicator signals of their vehicles and suddenly take a right or a left turn disrupting the traffic flow behind them, while also leading to accidents.
  3. Follow traffic rules. This would be the first and foremost rule for every driver and the Indian Government has always emphasized its importance on traffic rules. Violators must and should be penalised.
  4. Avoid drinking and driving. Though there has been a constant emphasis on this point, many still take it lightly. There can be innumerable rules and checks by officials, to check for road safety, however, safety starts from you. It starts from every responsible driver.
  5. Regular education of drivers. For example, every 3 years or so, there has to be a school that certifies every driver-citizen to drive safely. It has to be made compulsory along with driving license.
  6. Wearing helmet while riding a two-wheeler. This provides protection from major injuries to head in case of accidents and prevents the person life-threatening dangers caused by road accidents.
  7. Wearing seat-belts in a car. It has to be made compulsory for all the commuters in a car to avoid risks caused by an accident.
  8. Proper road signals and signs displayed clearly and visibly. This helps the driver to notice the signs without missing them and guides him on the road for safety.
  9. Do not rush on roads. If you are supposed to reach a place on time, start few minutes earlier than required. This avoids a mad rush on roads in traffic jams, road rages and quarrels.
Maybe, every citizen realizes his responsibility towards road safety. Amen!


Locomente said...

Really... This is a pre-requisite!
Thanks for sharing!

Sun Bloom said...

Thanks Locomente!
And thanks for reading too!