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Sunday, 20 March 2016


Once we pass our youth and settle down with our lives, making a living from a profession, we start knowing the real world - how bad or ugly or beautiful it is! At some point of time, we start longing for those bygone days of childhood. We always miss those days. But, memories belie the stress we went through those days.

Exams! Marks! Parents, teachers and students alike think that scoring a significant number in a particular set period of time is a measure of one's intelligence. I would call it more of a memory and application test. And I have always loathed this system. This system can make a child introvert, unsocial and a bookworm who is no good when he is exposed to practical application or social surroundings.

There have been suicide cases of students who failed crucial examinations. There have been disappointments in students who have scored distinction marks just because they could not get more. Where are we heading to? We, adults, are creating a system of stress for children instead of creating a system of learning.

I know people who have scored first class marks, but, earning higher than people who are exceptional in academics scores. Is it not a paradox? Scores can do very little after a certain point of time in life. Nobody asks a mother how much she scored in her 10th standard when she has her own kid to bring up. Nobody judges a CEO of a company by his PUC marks. Nobody cares about your marks when you are out of the system. It is the presence of mind, the understanding of a situation, smartness, patience, perseverance that takes a man far ahead in life.

Marks do not make a person. It is the eduction, its essence and morals that can make a man.


sunaina sharma said...

Marks remain on the report cards. They fade and are forgotten. Real life beckons outside the schools and colleges. Unfortunately, teachers do little to prepare the youngsters for real life. They have to follow the system.

Sun Bloom said...

@Sunaina Sharma. Very true!