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Sunday, 7 February 2016

Lost and found!

"Hey, you look almost like me! How is it possible?"

"My mom always used to say that she gave birth to twins. But, after she was shifted to a ward from delivery room, they found out that there was only one baby and the other baby was stolen. I have a strong feeling that you are my twin. I should take you to my mother, she will be very happy seeing you!"

"Really? I have a twin-brother and a mother? It was a predicament to live with the fact that I had no one I could call my own, all these years! I want to know I have a mother, I have a brother and they are real!"

"Come home, sister! I want you to meet my mother! Sorry, our mother!"

Devoured by mixed emotions of sorrow, happiness, gratitude and fear, I visit my mother with my twin.

I stood at the threshold of a small hut with thatched roof. There was something like a small clearing of ground that made their house a home. I saw an oily kerosene stove blackened with soot. Next to that, I saw an aging woman, her partly graying locks fell across her cheeks as she struggled to light the stove for lunch. Maybe, she could not be certified as a beautiful woman in beauty pageants, but she was definitely beautiful to a daughter. A daughter like me who had cried through lonely nights without my mother on my side; a daughter like me who had fervently wished that there was a beneficent fairy who could be my mother; a daughter like me who had been stamped over by reprobates because of which I remained a morose; a daughter like me who was not condoled with, in tough times. The word 'beauty' is very subjective, right?

"What are you looking at? She is your mother! Come on in!"

I stepped in and looked into her eyes. Yes, I saw unconditional love in them as they glistened with tears. My eyes reciprocated her feelings. She touched me. I was being touched by an invisible power that rejuvenated me from a vapid state of life, I could not tell. She could not believe that I was grown-up and standing in front of her in flesh and blood.

She burst out crying and hugged me. I had no words to speak. My twin joined us and we were family again.

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