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Monday, 8 February 2016


"Eat your dinner fast!"
Your mama is very tired,
"She cannot feed you!"

She cannot feed you
Tonight she just wants to crash -
On bed and get sleep.

Written for Haiku Horizons: "fast"


Liv bySurprise said...

Ha! Been there! Well done!

Sun Bloom said...

@Liv by Suprise. Thank you!

Ravyne said...

Delightful... such is the life of motherhood

Milan Rajkumar said...

That's why I M not getting my regular quota ! Hahaha
Very well expressed !!!

Sun Bloom said...

@Ravyne, Yes, thank you!

Sun Bloom said...

@Milan Rajkumar.
Haha! Thank you!

Georgia Koch said...

know that feeling ... nice write! Bastet

ArchanaC Kapoor said...

aww... can totally relate with that feeling :-)

Cheers, Archana -

jazzytower said...

I remember those days:)

Sun Bloom said...

@Georgia Koch. Thank you!

@Archana Kapoor.. thanks for reading!

@jazzytower. Haha, flashback!