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Thursday, 23 July 2015


She just ran from one stage of life to another - from being a girl; to a woman; to a wife; to a mother; to a mother-in-law; to an aged dying person. 
Life just moved on and she swam with the flow without questioning, "What is the point?"
She had lost her husband in her early years, she was the only bread winner for her growing children, she struggled to give them a life that she could not make, she married them off only to put up with a difficult daughter-in-law and grand children.
Finally she died today morning just throwing away all those scorching years for a toss.
When I saw her for the last time, dead and crumpled in white sheets, I asked myself " What is the point?"


Sanat Kumar Singh said...

But the very fact that she is being missed by someone(you) is testimony to the fact that ......... it was not pointless.
Nice blog

Saru Singhal said...

Yes, we struggle or slog not realizing that death is the ultimate destination. Our goal should be happiness for ourselves and others around us.

Sun Bloom said...

Well, she is not here to know that, is she?

Sun Bloom said...

Even if we know that death is the end, we have to struggle, right?
Happiness is a difficult term to understand.

wildflower said...

There is none. Is there?

Sun Bloom said...

Yeah. In a life long attempt to build my premises, right now, I'm convinced that there is none.

I would like to mention that I'm honored to have your comment on my blog as I consider myself a fan of your writing. :-)