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Thursday, 30 July 2015


The iridescent bubbles played games with the street light by the window showing all the colours at once on the same film.
They emanated from the bubble maker in Kavya's restless hands.
It was 2 o clock in the morning, it was another sleepless night as a mother.
The previous day Kavya's daughter had spoken her first word, calling her mother "Amma!" - the happiness of being recognized as a mother was overwhelming!
But, as a daughter, she could not stop wondering how her own mother felt tonight after disowning her 26 years ago, merely because she was born as a girl.


Mahathi Ramya said...

very nicely expressed.. good work :-)

Lizzie Koch said...

A very sad, emotive piece. x

Sun Bloom said...

Yes. Thanks for reading.

Sun Bloom said...

Thank you, Mahathi!

cifar shayar said...

powerful story in few sentences brilliant


Sun Bloom said...

@Cifar Shayar ... Thank you!