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Tuesday, 8 July 2014

A reprobate

Dead, but, vivid as a specter,
He was nobody's protector
A preposterous man she hated
Her sleepless nights he haunted

His expressionless eyes smothered
Kith or kin, he never bothered
His brute strength knew no remorse,
Being his daughter, had made it worse.

His photo reminded her again
Many years down the lane
How he had killed her pet
After which, their eyes never met.

Written for Magpie Tales : Mag 227


Berowne said...

Powerful and quite moving...

Eddie Bluelights said...

Your last line is weird - tell you why? It is the basis of my entire poem.

Loved the way you developed this and nicely written. ~ Eddie

Tess Kincaid said...


Sun Bloom said...

@Berowne.. Thank you very much.

@Eddie... Oh! Well, we came up with the same idea! I don't know why, I hated the look of the man from the beginning and had to write a cruel story on him. Thanks for the appreciation!

@Tess.. Yes, to be such a father of all roles, is sad. :D

Helena said...

Yeah, I'd had avoided him too, had me harmed my moggie! I like the road this prompt takes us down.

Sun Bloom said...


rudraprayaga said...

Sometimes some actions create bitter feelings.Nice.

Sun Bloom said...

Thanks again!