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Saturday, 31 May 2014


She had waited for it all her life, to see this man being hers for the rest of her life. She had weaved too many dreams around her, looking at other married couples. Dreams too good to be true. After 527 days of marriage, he said, "I don't want this relationship". The same day a part of her died and whatever remained was torn into pieces.

Written for Five sentence fiction - Marriage


Sandra Conner said...

Oh, my. I know people who have had this kind of thing happen. But I guess in a way it's better to happen that early than to wait and face it 25 years down the road.

Sun Bloom said...

True. :) Sadly, the protagonist here didn't get that. :D

Robin Leigh Morgan said...

I believe what's happening to the woman in the above FSF has been caused by her own doing. She allowed her heart to rule her mind. She allowed the passion in her heart for this man to over shadow her mind telling her this man is MOST DEFINITELY not needed in your life

Sun Bloom said...

Yes. True, when you are being practical.

But, the other face of the coin is that the protagonist loved him so much. :)

Anonymous said...

Alas, so sad.
...for a man to do that is heartless and dishonourable. He never did deserve her in the first place I feel.. Good riddance I say, he was never worthy of her!
...she will find someone that will love, understand and respect her the way she was meant to be loved and cherished.
Take care, God bless and be well dear friend.

Sun Bloom said...