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Tuesday, 17 May 2016


Behold her in the dusk!
She caresses the breeze,
By her uncanny resemblance
To an angel, I am awe-struck!

As her free flowing hair
Throng her face of golden-glow,
I see her beauty only half;
The other half in moonlight.

Written for The Tuesday Platform


brudberg said...

I think I need to go out and howl a little :-)

Stacie Eirich said... had me before your beautiful words began, with the picture of Ariel looking up at the moonlight, sitting on her rock, dreaming of the land with the sea so close below. Thanks for sharing!

Hannah said...

I love that silhouetted effect in your poem...nicely captured. :)

Susie Clevenger said...

Oh wow..this is beautifully romantic

angieinspired said...

I like how she caresses the breeze! Not the other way around

Sun Bloom said...


@Stacie Eirich
Aaahww! Thank you!


@Susie Clevenger
Thank you!

Yes, not the other way around. ;) Thank you!

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