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Sunday, 1 February 2015

Quikr getting quickest! is a website that provides a platform for a seller to sell his products and a buyer to buy his products. With its arrival, buying and selling of products, old or new, used or unused, have been revolutionized. Not to mention that it has made the process much more easier, it has also saved much time and fuss for people. From products related home and lifestyle to life-changing services such as matrimonial, Quikr has influenced lives in myriad ways.

Now, what’s new? has come up with a new idea of connecting the buyers and sellers through a chat facility – Quikr NXT. Human intervention is being reduced in many transactions to avoid middle-men, fraud and unnecessary incidences. When is a perfect example of it, it is further re-modelling the process through Quikr NXT chat facility. Thanks to technology, and many thanks to Quikr, the following can be the advantages of using a chat over the previous facility of phone call transactions.

1. Communication with privacy and safety (woman-friendly)

Generally, we are always afraid of revealing too much information to a stranger. A stranger is always watched for doing any harm to us, especially when they are meant for a short-term businesses like selling or buying. We want the business to be over in a professional manner. Here, a chat can help just keep business as business. Without revealing personal identity such as phone number, facial identity, residential address, a transaction can be completed without much ado. This can help us block off unwanted people from getting to know our phone numbers. Clearly, a transaction is ended when it is ended.

An annoying seller/buyer can be easily blocked off on a chat to avoid unnecessary disturbances without affecting our life. Whereas, a ringing phone can be a disturbance during important times of our days. With increasing crimes against women in the current days, chat is the best available secure option where a woman can feel comfortable without revealing her personal details.

2. Ease of communication

Availability of a person on phone can be variable in a day. A person available in the morning may not be available during another time of the day. Chatting helps leave a message for the person any time of a day so that the other person can check it whenever he is online. And he can inform the other person when he can be next available in cases that require any discussion. Otherwise there is always room for exchanging information at the convenience of their own times.

Two strangers who are not comfortable talking face-to-face are always comfortable on a chat.

3. Record of everything without paper and hence eco-friendly

There is always a record of everything a buyer and a seller have to share such as product specifications, product description, picture/video of a product. This can reduce fraud transactions and keep fraudsters at a risk of being caught and punished.

With e-governance invading every aspect of life, a warranty/guarantee form or a product form can be easily filled out online without paper exchange. An invoice of the product can be generated in e-format and sent to the customer on chat. 

Written for Happy Hours.

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