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Tuesday, 28 October 2014


Years later, she was cleaning her store-room. She found many old things and their fond memories. But, she had obliterated one incident of her life in order to move on. Her grandmother's death.

But those pair of socks....

Those pair of socks knitted by her granny. She suddenly desisted her cleaning task and sat quietly crying. She cried for her granny, for her love, for her touch. Granny had been her father, mother and all the power the world could give her. But, today she is just a memory, somewhere in her mind. Like those letters etched on wet seashore sands, soon to be gone by the perpetual rise and fall of waves. So unreal.

So unreal...

Written for Magpie Tales: mag 243


The Fifth Horseman said...

Good to have memories, even the sad ones.

cifar shayar said...

emotional and heart touching

Woolen Socks

Sun Bloom said...

@The Fifth Horseman,

@ Cifar
Thanks. :)

Carrie Van Horn said...

The love of a Grandmother is a mighty one. This is sad yet utterly beautiful!

Kutamun said...

Despite her lack of incorporeality , Granny nonetheless continues to be very real !

Sun Bloom said...

@Carrie... thanks. Yes, granny's love is a mighty one.

@Kutamun... incorporeal and yet real. :)